go, go, go, go, go shawty, it’s my birthday.


hey everyone!

i turn 25 today whooooopeeee!  i mentioned this a few posts ago, but i’m super excited for this one in particular, though i typically dread birthdays.  i don’t need anything special to happen, i’m just happy to be celebrating yet another year of my crazy, action-packed life.  it’s been a busy 25 years of constant growth and development.  i’m going to alexander’s steakhouse with my parents tonight, and my dad wants to spend $1,000 on a meal for the three of us (me, my mom, and my dad).  we’ll see how it goes – pretty excited for some good grub, though i haven’t had much of an appetite lately.

it’s odd to think that there’s so many years ahead of me in life.  let’s say i live to be 80, that means i’m currently only less than a third of the way done with life.  there’s so much potential ahead of me, what will i do with all that time??  i have a few ideas and goals for what i want to happen, but ultimately, it’s up to God and his plan for me.

on another note, i had an emotionally powerful dream last night.  it was charged with an intense simulation of reality.  someone from my past was in it, and oddly enough, i got a lot of closure from the dream. 😦 i don’t know what i want these days anyways.

when i showed some friends a picture of my foot yesterday, they all said to see the doctor right away.  i listened to them, because i really wanted to address the problem before leaving for NYC tmrw night.  we all know how much walking NYC requires. fortunately, i was able to squeeze in an appointment with my doctor earlier this morning.  he understood the situation and prescribed me the most potent topical cream he knew, and he also gave me an inside tip – to use superglue!  who woulda thought.  he says that doctors use medical super glue on skin sometimes, and that in his personal life, he uses regular super glue when his own skin cracks.  so i went to cvs to pick up both the antibiotic cream as well as some superglue.  after applying the superglue, i was really surprised with how effective it was.  it’ll definitely buy me some time to heal both today and tmrw before i leave for new york.  i recommend the superglue idea.  another thing is, he told me to stop using neosporin, cuz i might be reacting allergically to it.  that would actually really suck if i were allergic to neosporin, cuz i use it pretty frequently.  in the end, he diagnosed the whole situation as “extremity pain.”

pain pain pain.  physically, emotionally, everything.  but let’s brush all that aside today, cuz it’s my birthday!

no actually i do wanna end this post by saying that i strongly believe that someone can be perfect, but just perfect for someone else.   on the off chance that you’re reading this – mysterious person from my dream last night – you’re just not meant to be mine to keep.  and i probly wouldn’t be able to get to you even if i wanted to or tried.  simple as that :/

“keep you much longer” – akon.




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