so i waaaas a belieber, but not so sure anymore

justin bieber

hey guys,

i don’t like being hard on people, but i’m thoroughly grossed out rn.

i was trying to find a video on youtube about something the radio was talking about:  apparently, a fan threw a gift at justin bieber, and he threw it back at her in a rude way.  and i like watching videos of celebrities interacting with their fans every once in a while, because i think it reveals a lot about their personalities cuz it’s such raw footage.  anyways, so i got curious and go on youtube to start searching for the video of it, but as i typed “justin bieber throws…” meaning to type in “gift” or “gift out window” next, all the dropdown suggestions started saying “justin bieber throwing up,” “justin bieber throwing up on fan” or “justin bieber throwing up and fan eating it.” my first reaction was whaat?  but, yeah feel free to search it up yourself if you’re curious.

so i start wondering what the hullaballoo and brouhaha is all about, and i click a few of these videos…omg it is so gross. there’s one where he’s just throwing up on stage, which is actually a lot more more tolerable than the one where a girl is lying down on stage, and he just throws up all over her….like bro, i know accidents happen but could you have turned the other way or tilted your head to the side or something?  how can you just throw up on someone, especially on a fan in front of thousands of people?

even tho this happened 3 years ago, it still really changes the way i view him.  uncool, biebs.



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