the squeaky wheel gets the grease

squeaky wheel

hey everyone!

everything for UCSC is going so smoothly, but i don’t wanna jinx it.  my requests for accommodations are all being approved one by one.  i’m gonna admit, going through the DRC (disability resource center) makes life a lot easier.  i’m now successfully recommended for a single room through housing accommodations, which is something i have been really hoping for.  my thought is that college is already social enough let alone having a roommate or two to share a small space with.  privacy and the ability to focus on studying, resting, and socializing in my dorm room is really important to me at this phase in my life.

next up, i have “a new student appointment” with a DRC counselor not this coming tuesday but next tuesday regarding what other accommodations fit my current situation.  mainly, i am super hoping to get an A parking permit, which are typically very limited and provided on a first come first serve basis.  with an A parking permit, i will be able to park almost anywhere on campus in any parking lot.  a lot of undergraduates don’t even have a shot at an A parking permit due to the selectiveness of the process, but the DRC should be able to hook it up.  i need to be able to drive to the pharmacy for meds, labcorp for blood work, home for appointments, and various other reasons.

everyone at UCSC has been so nice and helpful so far, and i can’t help but get super excited for it all.  summer orientation is coming up in two months, which is when i’ll get my ID card, pre-enroll in classes, meet fellow classmates, learn the lay of the land, etc.  time fliiiiiies, wow.

anyways the moral of today’s post is: ask and you shall receive.  the squeaky wheel gets the grease.



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