good afternoon all,

my therapist called me brave this past wednesday, and i was kind of taken aback by the compliment.  i scanned my brain trying to think of what evidence she had to call me brave in the first place…but then i gave up and reminded myself to just take the compliment and accept it for what it is.

sometimes i wonder to myself if i should be appreciating my anxiety more than i do.  i think it makes people think i’m braver than i actually am, and it also keeps life exciting, yanno?  like, would you rather be nervous and excited for something or feel blah and bored about it?  so now i wonder if life is more “blah” for other people than it is for me.

on the flip side of the coin, at times i’ll walk into situation feeling anxious, but then i get there, and when it’s all happening, i actually feel disappointed, because i’m in a peaceful state of mind.  that’s no fun, is it?

so, am i really all that brave?



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