playing pickleball again, but so tired

pickleballhey everyone!

i’m back to playing pickleball.  so basically, i dominate at any and all racket sports, and that definitely includes pickleball!  it’s super fun, and i get to play for free.  i play at the cupertino sports center, and the guy i play tennis with covers my cost of playing pickleball.

fortunately, i have a lot of experience in tennis, badminton, ping pong, and squash, so pickleball comes naturally to me even tho i haven’t played in years.  i needed a quick refresher on the rules and quickly tried to memorize the location of the lines on the court before we began competing.  the problem with indoor pickleball is that there are so many different lines on the ground for badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc that it makes the pickleball lines hard to decipher.

anyways, we played doubles style.  so, say you and your partner win, you split up and pair up with a new challenger each to play again.  needless to say, i stayed on the court virtually the whole time, but that bit me in the butt cuz then i was left super tired playing tennis tonight.  it’s okay though, i powered through.  i definitely haven’t felt this physically tired in a while, the last time i felt this drained was probably my hike at big basin over a month back.

i’m thinking to make pickleball a regular thing again…at least tuesdays and thursdays from 1-3pm.

ok night guys.  i’ll definitely sleep well tonight.



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