when we watched newsies last wednesday


hey guys!

i forgot i didn’t post about watching “Newsies” at broadway san jose last wednesday!  my parents and i got balcony seats, and honestly, at first i was getting a bit of vertigo just looking down on the stage, cuz our seats were super high up.  but when i got used to it after the first few minutes, i realized how nice it was, cuz we could see everything – including the orchestra…so after the initial scare, i got used to the height and just relaxed in my chair.  the show itself was soo good, and the crowd was really great too.  the audience was a lot younger than the audiences of other shows i’ve gone to, which makes sense seeing as Disney created “Newsies.”  i even ran into a few friends who were watching the show too as we were getting some drank before the show started.  i also really liked that the show’s creators changed up the plot from the original musical by including unexpected plot twists to keep it fresh and exciting.

something that was kind of alarming though, was that there was an elderly man sitting in the row in front of us… just a few seats away, and he started having heart problems.  everyone around him started fanning him with their programs, as he started breathing heavily and irregularly.  and eventually, people started asking “is there a doctor in the house?!” minutes later, his entire row moved up so he could be escorted out.  fortunately, intermission came shortly after he exited, so the paramedics were able to get to him.  from that point on, i dono what happened cuz i stayed in my seat, but i prayed for his safety.  i was honestly afraid he was dying.  i dono if the cast noticed all of the hullabaloo from the stage, but they didn’t show it even if they did.  the show must go on!

hope you all had a good monday! i certainly did.  i went shopping with my cousin in the morning, got a quick lunch, had a busy day at work, attended an online UCSC talk about housing, did a bunch of chores, and am heading to my support group soon.  afterwards, i’m playing squash with some friends.

yeeeeeee life is good 🙂  blog to ya tmrw!



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