what is metacognition?

metacognitiongood morning errbody!

a former high school english teacher of mine always encouraged us to practice metacognition, which is “the awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes.”  though it didn’t make much sense to me at the time, it makes lots of sense to me now.  it’s funny, because the reason i couldn’t grasp the concept at the time was because i was actually too busy thinking to stop and think about my thinking.  this relates again to a blog post i published weeks ago about being busy vs. being productive.  you can be really really busy without being productive at all.  you can also be really productive without doing much.  sometimes it is important to just let yourself step back, relax, observe, and understand.

now, i realize how important it is to pause and take that step to stop before saying or doing anything.  you have to judge if something is worth your time and energy or if it’s just another nuisance that won’t benefit your life in any way.  drop any negativity and only keep people that challenge you to be better in your life.  and once you’ve identified those people, treat them well and keep them close by being loyal, trustworthy, and receptive.  if you’re new to setting these kinds of boundaries with your loved ones, just go with your gut instinct for now.

metacognition calls us to analyze our thoughts and to be mindful of them.  so, let’s all try metacognition today!  after all, practice makes perfect.





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