you can’t start a new chapter until you close the last one, so here goes.

sadnesshello pain, my name’s Cordy; i’m sure we have met before. you seem so familiar.

how do you dislike someone and detach from someone that everybody loves, respects, and talks about?  i guess i can only do one thing, and that is to leave.  so, i’m leaving, and i actually have been trying to for quite some time now.  it really doesn’t matter what my next steps are, i just know i have to get out of the current situation.  i can’t see you, your friends, or frankly anyone that has ever met you around, because all they can seem to talk about is you.  which is fine; i get it.  it’s great and dandy.  i liked you too, after all…  just the way it goes, i guess.

what am i talking about? i’ve been attending south bay church for the longest time; in fact, it’s the longest i’ve gone to any one single church, which doesn’t say much considering i’m a new christian as of just a few years ago. but yeah, it’s been over a year now that i’ve been there, and i can’t say i’ve been having the best time there.  it’s a great church with a lot of great staff and great members, but it’s just not “home.”  i don’t know where i’m going next – i can either return to my old church, which i’ve been visiting these past 4 or 5 weeks, or another great option is for me to find a brand new church to get yet another fresh start.  i’ve heard great things about both calvary and venture, which are local churches in my area.

so hey you, if you want space, i’ll give you space.  frankly, i need it just as much as you do.  believe me, i’m in pain.  don’t tell me it was all a game either; i don’t believe that for a second.

“should’ve been us” – tori kelly

warm wishes,



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