why do people stare at me!!



i’ve been in this coffee shop for like an hour, and i swear this guy keeps staring at me.  i’m not paying that much attention to him, but naturally every fifteen minutes or so, i stretch a bit while staying in my seat, and i’ll glance around the cafe just to be aware of my surroundings.  and i swear every time i look at this guy, we make eye contact.   he is straight up staring at me nonstop.  WHAT DOES HE WANT.  i don’t like it when people look at me like that.  in his defense, he probably came to the cafe specifically to people-watch, considering he doesn’t have a computer, book, or anything else in front of him.  but, he’s just sitting there intently staring at me.   it’s been like three times i’ve caught him seriously staring at me, so i just stare right back until he looks away hahah the dude needs to stop.  i’m like about to leave because of this creeper, but i’ll probably just stop glancing at him and stop letting him bother me.  people, man..

on a totally random other note, here’s the song of the day: “human” – jon mclaughlin.




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