there are so many things i could write about

short story.png

hey guys,

everyday, when i open up wordpress to write a fresh new blog post for the day, a billion ideas run through my mind.  i know i’ve shared a few of my poems with you guys on here, but i haven’t shared any of my short stories yet do i think i will anytime soon.  i personally think my short stories are much better than my poems, because there’s opportunity to develop a stronger message.  who knows?  one day, i might publish them all.  i think i have around like 10 of them, and they each range from like 5-15 pages.  they’re all based loosely off of my life.  but then again, anything any author has ever written must have been loosely based on his or her own life, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to write about it or understand how to put it in words.

fortunately for me, i’ve had a very tumultuous life, and i continue to have one.  everything i do is pretty dramatic, because of the way i tend to perceive things and react to life’s various turns of events, but it’s all good.  it’s okay, cuz i like to keep life exciting 🙂



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