can i register my dog as a service animal to bring him with me?

service animal.png

hey all,

although i’m getting super psyched to head to UCSC this fall, i’ll definitely miss my dog.  i wish i could register him as a “service animal,” but he currently would only qualify as a “support animal.”  other than the exception of service animals, UCSC does not allow any pets on campus.  maybe it’s for the best, the random deer, cows, and other animals might scare pierre.  i could get a fish again, like i had at Cornell…but it freaked me out too much when that fish died 😦  we’ll see what i do.

i’m tryna get the disability resource center (DRC) at UCSC to hook it up with housing, parking, test accommodations, etc.  i wanna live in a single room on campus in the transfer community, obtain an A parking permit to park anywhere on campus, and get appropriate academic accommodations as well.  i’ve heard really great things about UCSC’s DRC, so i’m sure they’ll help me out more than a bit.  i also needa connect with a good counselor on campus, which i tend to be very picky and finicky about.   i can keep my current psychiatrist, cuz i only ever see him once every two months so, and we don’t do talk therapy during those appts.  he just writes me my prescriptions and standing orders, which he’s super good and efficient about. hopefully, there are some good on-campus therapists for me to connect with.

thanks for tuning in!



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