hay hay hay,

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays!  i love surprising my mom with little gifts and tokens of appreciation on a regular basis throughout the year, but Mother’s Day makes it so much more official.  i tried making reservations at Alexander’s Steakhouse yesterday, but of course, they have a full house tonight.  i didn’t even try Fogo de Chao (my favorite restaurant), cuz they’re packed any day/night of the week regardless of it being a holiday or not.   i really should’ve called in like a week ago, but we weren’t sure what we wanted to do yet.  we are gonna watch a disney musical in san jose this wednesday night, but that doesn’t quite count.  i did get in reservations to a nice nearby italian restaurant, so, we’ll see about that tonight…some good wine would be nice.

but yeah, i am who i am because of my mom and dad, and i owe all my success thus far to them.  they make a really good team, and i’m proud of who i’ve become as a result of them raising me.  if they’ve taught me anything, it’s how to be a good person.  they’ve shown me that love is an action, not something you say. even tho some of their parenting skills might have been a bit unconventional, a lot of how i approached their parenting style was also unconventional.

these are the last few months i’ll be spending with them before i move to santa cruz  in mid-september. i don’t foresee moving back in with them after graduation.  i should be ready to spread my own wings and fly solo by then.



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