wau it is so satisfying to wash your backpack


hey everyone!!

wau i just had one of the most fun cleaning experiences evarrrrr! so i’ve been debating buying a new backpack or using my old one for UCSC this fall.  the issue is i love my old one: it’s in pretty good shape, and i love the style, but it’s just a bit dirty.  they don’t sell that same model anymore tho, otherwise i would buy one just like it.  it’s a north face backpack that looks very old school…i noticed all the stuff they’re selling right now all have this weird look and remind me of motorcyclists’ backpacks.  even the newer versions of this same model look weird to me.  i guess i just don’t like the new styles/trends.  another option that arose is my adidas daypack or whatever they call it that i use on hikes, etc, but it seems a bit small, though it does fit my laptop.  it’s not up to par with what i expect a high-quality backpack to be.

BUT, i decided to stick with my vintage north face backpack. so i go online and look up how to salvage the poor thing.  i then find out how to clean it to make it look and feel brand new, but have a lot of doubt about how it’ll actually turn out.  i really wanted to spruce it up big time, but at the same time, i didn’t want to get my hopes up.  so, all the websites say to fill up a tub of warm bath water, use a mild detergent, work on problem areas with special attention, then air dry.  sounds like a really boring and passive process right?  WRONG. so fun, satisfying, and rewarding!  let me tell you guys, WAU..i wanna clean everyone’s backpack now!  maybe i should start a backpack-cleaning service.  what happened was that i thought my backpack was hopeless – there was melted gum in it, random pills, stains from my pets, and other miscellaneous items.  it was heartbreaking, really, cuz that backpack has so much sentimental value for sticking with me through thick and thin at cornell.  so i decide to start washing it… so satisfying!

once i got to scrubbing and cleaning the backpack, the water in the tub began turning brown/black and all these bits of debris kept flowing out of my backpack as i reached every nook and cranny of it.  i was super shocked, cuz it didn’t look that dirty, but i guess you only find out when you give something a thorough wash.  it’s a black and navy blue backpack, so it was hard to tell how much dust/dirt was on it.  but basically the tub water turned a brownish color almost instantly (ahhh, instant gratification) with lots of small bits and pieces of God knows what infiltrating the water.  then i decide to drain the tub water and do the whole process again. so, i spray down the tub to clean the bits and pieces that stuck to the tub and repeated the process.  i filled up the tub again with warm water.  and i thoroughly scrubbed through every pocket and compartment just as i did the first time, until it all felt absolutely smooth and clean.  i then flipped the backpack upside down and right side up a few times.  this second time around, the tub water only became a light brown almost clear color.  then i drain the dirty water, and spray down the tub again to clean it and prep it for another round.  this time, i use the shower head at really high pressure to spray hot water into each pocket and compartment.  SUCH A GOOD EXPERIENCE CLEANING.  highly recommend it 🙂

now, the backpack is looking really good and hanging to air dry.  let me know if you ever need your backpack cleaned..i’m a pro at it. oooooooh yeeeeeeeahhh.



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