just spent $9.78 on a mother’s day card


hey all!

hallmark is milkin’ it, yo.   i got my mother’s day gift last week, and i needed a card to top it all off, so i stopped by a store to browse their selection.  i probably looked at three or four before i found the perfect one.  it said “hallmark” on it, so i thought it would be like $4.99 or something, but it was $9.78!  i still got it tho, cuz it was perfect, and my mom deserves the best 🙂 plus, it’s fun spoiling my parents.

now i just need to box up my gift and write some sentimental stuff on the card, and whabam!

also!!!! i went to UCSC today, and it feels more and more like home!  it’s funny cuz when i started driving home back to the bay area, which i know like the back of my hand, i couldn’t help but feel kinda bummed.  i wanted to stay at UCSC and just start living there and experiencing it all already.  so, two good friends of mine from church showed me around, and it was awesome checking it all out again.  the official campus tour i went on last wednesday just glossed over everything, and we didn’t get to go inside any buildings.  this tour was a lot more personal, so i got to ask all the questions bubbling up in my mind, and i feel like i got a really good feel for everything.  i’m so excited!

the one thing is my parents are gonna be out of town the day i need to move in when the quarter begins mid-september, so i’m having some really good friends of mine help me move in.  so grateful to them for their willingness to help.  as i walked around campus more today, i couldn’t help but remember my college experience at cornell.  in fact, the campus reminds me a lot of cornell in the way that it’s so set in nature..but a lot is really different.  i’m pretty sure cornell has a lot more funding, so there were quite a few differences, but nothing can take away the excitement i feel to be a banana slug!  it’s real and it’s happening.




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