going to NYC in less than a month yeeee

times square.png

hey guys,

my travel plans are creeping up on me.  the soonest trip is the one to NYC in the beginning of june. my dad and i will be taking a red-eye flight to NYC the night of 6/3 and be there until 6/6.  my dad knows nyc really well, and i’ve also been many many times, so we don’t really needa go sightseeing.  the trip is mainly about seeing my brother, his gf, my cousin, his fiancee, and his fiancee’s parents.  gonna get some quality family time. other than watching fiddler on the roof on broadway, we’ll be eating at shake shack, checking out spin (pingpong nightclub-ish thing), playing cards together, kicking it, cooking together, and who knows what else!  i’m sure it’ll be fun times tho 😀  family is important.

we’re staying in the hilton times square, so that’ll be awesome too!




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