grippy iphone case and my day tmrw


hey everyone,

so i’m kinda bummed out cuz my iphone case started getting old, so i went on amazon to got a new one that seemed just like it…but it wasn’t.  obviously i wanted the same one, but you know how on amazon, you can see your previous orders?  well, they only let you see up to a certain amount of orders, like probably the most recent 20-30 or so.  well, i got this iphone case too long ago, cuz i constantly buy stuff on amazon prime.  so, i decided to find one just like it, though i knew it wouldn’t be the exact same thing.  the main thing i was looking for is a combination of classy colors and more importantly, a good grip on the back, so that when i rest it on my lap when i’m driving, it doesn’t slip and fall.  i know i shouldn’t be using my phone while driving, but i kinda just rest it on my lap and glance at it every once in a while when i’m using gps or if it buzzes.  so, this new case came in the mail and was supposed to have a good grip, but it really doesn’t at all compared to the last one. i’m finding that it slips and slides everywhere as i drive.  this is probably a good thing, cuz it discourages me from using it while i’m driving, and it’s unsafe to be constantly aware of your phone the whole time you drive, but whatever.

so now i’m like okay..maybe i should go on amazon and hunt down that original case.  i’ll letcha guys know later if i find it, but i think i give up cuz i’ve tried already.  it’s especially hard to find cuz it doesn’t have a brand name or any information on the case itself.  or maybe i can just learn to live with this one.

oh and hermitage brewery ended up being awesome 🙂  it was great fellowship: we ended up having a pretty intense talk about forensic science and crime cases.  it got me kinda scared and pensive, but i’m over it now.  i’m working early tmrw morning, grabbing lunch, then heading straight to UCSC to check out the campus with a good friend of mine from church.  i told you guys about this already, but i’m super looking forward to it, cuz he was also a transfer student there, so i’ll get a glimpse of what transfer life is like there, where i’ll be living, etc.  i also got another offer from a transfer student for a personal campus tour, so i might take him up on that offer sometime next week.  i’m also meeting with my psychiatrist right after i get back from UCSC tmrw to get some forms filled out for UCSC’s disability resource center.  i wasn’t supposed to see my psychiatrist until mid june, but i special requested him to see him ASAP to get in these forms as early as possible to see what accommodations i may qualify for.  due to all this, i might not be able to make it to my support group tmrw night :/

alright guys, i gotta go get a good night’s sleep now to rest up for tmrw.

peace and good night!



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