musicals: newsies and fiddler on the roof

musicalsso my parents and i have been watching musicals lately, most recently two classics newsies and fiddler on the roof.  we actually have plans to watch both of these musicals in person.  we watched movie versions of the musicals in advance to prepare for watching them live.  next wednesday, we’ll be watching newsies in downtown san jose, and then we’ll be watching fiddler on the roof on broadway in NYC in less than a month.

newsies is a disney musical starring christian bale when he was much younger.  i don’t think my parents understood me when i kept commenting “dude that’s batman!” throughout the movie haha so after the movie, i showed them a youtube video that documented his ability to lose and gain weight for different roles.  it’s really quite amazing…respect.  i’m sure that kind of weight fluctuation must take a lot of self control and discipline…something i think i could pull off as well, if i ever needed to do so.

then during fiddler on the roof, my dad started crying during a particular scene and he never cries, so i thought it was pretty funny.  we were both able to laugh at it, cuz it was a light-hearted and good kind of crying.  the whole musical’s about this father that tries to marry off his daughters to successful and loving suitors.

anyways guys, gotta get off work, walk my dog, go to my aunt’s house for a weekly dinner, then head to a church support group.  we’re checking out hermitage brewery tonight!  will letcha know how it is.  i love exploring new places.

also, happy cinco de mayo everyone!



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