friends can break your heart too

heartbreakhey guys!

today i will talking about heartbreak…not the romantic kind, but the platonic kind.  heartbreak happens all the time.  and sure, some people have the power to hurt you way more than others do.  and frankly, that sucks, cuz it really does hurt more coming from certain people. but hopefully, those people wouldn’t take advantage of your affections (whether romantic or platonic).

let me set the record straight in saying that friends absolutely can break your heart.  honestly, i’ve cried as a result of disagreements, misunderstandings, or conflicts that have arisen in tumultuous friendships.  or how about the fear and anxiety that a conflict will arise based on something you think you’ve done wrong.  that almost always turns out to be nothing, but it will sure consume your mental energy for a good few hours.

there’s only so many chances you can give to someone or to a group of people.   but true friendship is past all of that.  true friendship calls us to challenge one another even if it means tough love..even if it means breaking a friend’s heart to show them how to piece it back together…or breaking their heart to strengthen them.  there’s a reason for everything, and God does not waste time.

so thanks to everyone who has taught me lessons through strained friendships.



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