life is gewd, just like this saturday is.


hey everyone!

i had a really good day today and hope you did too!  what happened?  i had a psychiatrist appointment this morning, got thai food and coffee with a friend, cuddled with my dog, and got pluto’s and yogurtland w/a friend, and am now working a bit.

the psychiatrist appointment went well, cuz i told him i’m going to UCSC and we looked up the nearest CVS where i can pick up meds, which is only 1 mile away – totally walkable.  and then we looked up a labcorp where i can get my monthly blood draws, and it’s at a prime, popular spot in santa cruz, so i can bus there easily.  i just have to set it all up at some point to transfer over my info/accounts.

whether or not i’ll have my bmw with me when i go to school is still up in the air.  if i do have it, i can get around santa cruz better but more importantly, visit home whenever i have an important appointment or just for whatever.

also, my friend let me know today that using redness/itchiness/dryness relieving eye drops like clear eyes, visine or rohto’s is not good for my eyes, cuz i wear contacts…and i use all of those brands of eye drops a lot!  especially when my eyes get itchy.  so she showed me that there are redness/itchiness/dryness relieving eyedrops especially for contacts.  i know there are rewetting drops for contacts, but didn’t realize there were redness reducing ones as well.  so, i’m gonna go get on that right after i wrap up some stuff at work.

peace guys! have a good sunday,



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