what life is like to me right now


happy thursday peeps!!

first off, i wanna say how amazing the jungle book was. ohhh my goodness please go watch it.  i just saw it last night with my dad, which is really uncharacteristic of him since it’s a disney movie; however, the movie is based off of the books from the nobel prize winner rudyard kipling.  on the reals, disney is rocking it lately; zootopia was amazeballs too.  anyways last night, i was really surprised, because my dad and i happened to be the only two people in the entire theater.  but that ended up being super chill, cuz we were able to make really loud remarks throughout the entire movie, laugh together at the lighter moments, look up stuff on our phones about the movie, and comment on the scenes whenever we wanted to and without anyone else to bother.  we saw it in imax 3D, and it was SO GOOD.  it was funny when my dad got really freaked out during certain trailers prior to the movie, cuz stuff just pops up in front of your face when you’re watching something in imax and 3D.  about the movie, i typically get very critical about works of literature or media, but i dono .. this one was super creative and well done.  rudyard kipling is a boss for writing the books.  i did have a few questions left unanswered and general thoughts regarding areas for improvement by the end of the movie.  but yeah i mean, i don’t wanna talk about the movie too much in case you guys haven’t read the books, plan to watch it, or simply don’t want it spoiled.

onto what i actually wanted to talk about and what the title refers to: my general lackadaisacal attitude towards almost everything in life right now.  mainly, i was disappointed with my lack of a reaction after attending a tour of UCSC yesterday.  i thought afterwards, i’d be super pumped to sign that admissions agreement contract and get in the school system…however, it was a lot mo

— oops wait hold up!  wow the cafe i’m at just gave me a free latte..this girl came to deliver to me and i was like oh no i didnt order that, and she said it’s on them cuz they’re doing practicing.  LIFE IS GOOD.  maybe they overheard me giving my friend advice over the phone for like over 20minutes and liked the convo or maybe they like my new haircut?  iono!  either way, i’m gonna be so wired today.  —

ok back to the post.  the tour was a lot more blah than i thought.  to be honest, going to UCSC just doesn’t feel like my own decision..it feels like a decision a lot of people that care about me have made for me on my behalf, and then because i respect them and love them, i’m listening and complying. it feels like i’m just going through the motions.  i mean, i guess it’s good, it’s not like torture or anything, it’s definitely  for my own good.  but hopefully, reality will hit me soon when i start selecting courses or just getting real about the whole process.  i suppose it was good that at least i didn’t feel super anxious and insecure walking around campus.  this time, i was being very realistic about it, like wanting to check out the libraries and housing more than anything else.  as i mentioned last post, i have a friend who lives in santa cruz who’s gonna take me around campus not tmrw but this coming friday, and he has experience as a previous transfer student there, so i look forward to getting the real deal from him.  i’m gonna try avoiding the wilder places to live once on campus.

“why don’t you and i” – santana ft. chad kroeger

guys i gotta go, blog to you later.



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