trust me, it’s good to be on my good side and really bad to be on my bad side

hey guys,

i was just thinking to myself how good it is for people who are on my good side and how truly miserable i can make it for people who are not on my good side, especially because there are so very few people that are on my bad side, so i can easily focus on them when i feel like it.  it can be consuming to dwell on hate, so i won’t 🙂  but as my destiny unfolds, we’ll watch what happens.  it’s gonna be so fun, guys!  just wait until i start writing books and publishing them.  who knows?  i may just name a few characters after you.  everything will be crystal clear then, so be sure to keep your eye out.

revenge is a dish best served cold, so bon apetit.

don’t worry, i can guarantee that 99.9999999% of you are on my good side.



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