my campus tour at UCSC!


hey everyone!

went on a campus tour of UCSC this morning with mi madre, and it was absolutely beautiful.  it consisted of a 30min presentation and a 90min walking tour.  from campus, you get a beautiful view of the ocean, and there are trees everywhere that shade you from the sun.  there’s definitely never a dull moment there.  it’s set smack dab in the middle of nature, and you feel like you’re getting fresh air and hiking at a prime national forest as you roam around campus.  i like it.  i like it a lot 🙂  it drizzled a little today on campus, so it was a bit chilly and moist, but it’s all good i had an umbrella just in case.  the tour was really informational, and i got a lot of my questions answered.  the tour guide was also super charming and enthusiastic.

during the tour, we didn’t really go inside the buildings or anything aside from one dining hall, which is something i’ll definitely want to do when i go again with my friend next friday.  specifically, i wanna check out the two major libraries and scope out the transfer community in more depth.

in the meantime, i’m researching fun student organizations and am definitely finding some.

yay for new beginnings!!



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