it’s very uncomfortable to think that everyone has flaws


hey guys!

for the longest time, i always thought everyone was perfect and couldn’t see flaws in other people, and i honestly think ignorance was bliss.  it’s really uncomfortable for me to think of people as having flaws, especially those that i have known or looked up to for a long time.  i used to idealize everyone, thinking that i was at the bottom of the list.  right now, i’m not purposely thinking of people’s flaws, because that would be incredibly stressful, but i can’t help but notice certain traits now that i either find admirable or that i find unique to that person.  but perhaps it was my flaw before that i thought this way, and now i’m actively trying to fix that to not only protect myself but also to better others.

wehhhh..why can’t i go back to the times where everyone was my hero?



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