a busy weekend as always


hey guys!

i meant to update you last night on the community service event i volunteered at but just ran low on time.  so i’ll start by saying yesterday i had a really cool opportunity to act as a community judge for the finals of a parli debate (british parliament style) for homeschooled kids.  it was basically a 2 on 2 debate of the people that advanced to the final round of this tournament out of hundreds of students.  these were all home-schooled students who had been practicing all year for this event.  they get the topic about 15 minutes before the debate starts, and they’re allowed to gather information by calling friends, using the internet, and just pulling from any resources.  everything is fair game up to the debate itself, which is very closely timed and monitored.  i was one of seven judges, and it was a great experience!  hope to do it again next year.

after that, i hung out with some friends and got super sleepy hanging out with them, so by the time i got home by midnight (my curfew), i passed out before i got a chance to blog about judging the debate, which i was originally gonna be really excited to blog about.

and then todayyy, i went to church this morning, grabbed lunch with church friends, went on a doggie date with my friend, then went to a bday bbq up until now.  and i’m actually just squeezing in time rn to update you guys before i head out to meet up with another friend.

my weekends are crazy!  come to think of it, my whole life is a bit crazy.  but life is good, so it’s okay.  i also wanna let you guys know i got some really great feedback about my post yesterday, so thanks for reading – even when i go off on tangents.

i’m also slightly irked right now, cuz i happened to park under a massive tree at my friend’s bday bbq event, and a ton of birds crapped on my car…i cleaned off some of it just now after i parked at home but can’t really see the rest as clearly in the dark, so i’ll have to clean it tmrw morning in the daylight.

aite yo, take care and have a great start to your weeks tmrw.



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