so grossed out rn, but anyways!

wau guys,

before i dive into what i wanna talk to you about today, i have to share this: i’m at a local cafe researching UCSC stuff, and i had to use the restroom, so i get up to go to the restroom, and there’s someone in it.  get this – the guy finishes using the bathroom and exits the stall.  and i mean, he knew i was there and everything cuz i tried opening the door  once to find out if it was occupied or not.  but i get into the stall, and turns out he left a huge turd just waiting there for me.  i’m like cmon dude, i wasn’t even rude about seeing if there was someone in there or not nor was i rushing him… people these days, man…THANKS BRO.  so grossed out rn.  on top of all this, his poo was a really weird yellowish color and majorly reeked.  i shoulda taught him a lesson and asked him to flush it himself. lol its ok whatever i’m trying to get over it, cuz i needa finish this blog post so i can get to my cousin’s birthday party which starts in like 15 min.

anyways…what i actually wanted to update you guys on was my UCSC status.  so i started searching housing and dining options kinda just by stumbling upon it.  turns out for transfer students, you can either live in the “transfer community housing” or the “university town center housing.”  i took some virtual tours online of the various room options.  as a transfer student, you can stay in a single, double, or triple in the “transfer community housing,” but the only options in the “university town center housing” are doubles, triples, and large triples.  i super want a single, because first of all, i snore, and second of all, i want that added privacy.  i personally think college is social enough to not need a roommate.

the good part about me reading a bit about housing and dining options is that i’m relieved i’m not in as much of a rush as i thought.  housing applications aren’t even available until noon on june 13 and then not due until june 29th.  and the dining stuff isn’t a rush at all, cuz you can be actively adjusting/changing your meal plan even throughout the academic year itself.  sometimes housing contracts are paired with dining contracts too, so it can be lumped into the same task.

this all relieves me cuz the admissions agreement contract is due june 1, so everyone will be on the same page (the transfers, at least) and have an equal shot at housing options.  basically, i can take my time right now researching and digesting everything UCSC has to offer cuz nothing really starts until after june 1.  so in the meantime, i can’t wait for my official campus tour next wednesday.  i also have a good friend who’s gonna show me around campus the first friday of may.

life is good, y’all!  blog to you later.  gotta go celebrate my little cousin’s 7th birthday!

take care,




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