santa cruz iz chill i guess

santa cruz.png

hey guys!

i hung out with my friend this morning for a good hour or two and then went straight to UCSC afterwards.  the campus was cool and not really what i was expecting.  to be honest, at first, it was really reminiscent of the way Cornell was – smack dab in the middle of nature and kind of spacious/spread out.  there’s also a transportation system with buses going all over campus, which is exactly what Cornell has going on.

i guess i’ll start off by saying i parked in the east remote parking lot, and noticed all the really unique, interesting, and hipster bumper stickers on parked cars as i was walking onto campus.  and in general, i liked that i got a really californian vibe from the student body in general.  lots of people were in brightly colored tshirts, shorts, and sandals.  obviously, i can’t wait for the official tour i reserved for next wednesday tho, cuz this time i kinda just glanced around half-heartedly with my nerdy campus map.

crap food coma is hitting me so hard right now.  i haven’t gotten food coma in a long long time, like years.  i had some mexican food in downtown santa cruz, and it’s knocking me out right now.  i just wanna go catch some Z’s.

i might be meeting up with some church friends tonight for drinks, but we’ll see.



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