visiting UCSC tmrw and booking flights to rhode island


suuuuup sup sup,

so even tho my official UCSC tour reservation isn’t until next wednesday, i’m not gonna let that stop me from making a more informal visit tmrw, soooo i’m gonna go on my own first thing when i wake up.  i haven’t been since i was a little kid, and i’ve heard so much about it – the anticipation is building like cray.  i’ve gotten a mix of feedback, mostly good, saying the campus mainly has buildings, trees, and more buildings.  i wonder if wandering around campus will feel like a hike the way walking around Cornell definitely felt like a hike.  i was also wondering if i should brush up on my longboarding skills to cruise around campus, but then again i heard there are some dirt paths that you def don’t wanna damage your longboard on.

in my therapy sesh earlier today, my therapist mentioned to check out mansion row in rhode island when we go in early july, so my dad and i are gonna go a few days early to the wedding to explore the surrounding area a bit, and my mom will join us afterwards.  i plan to check out the breakers mansion, the vanderbilt mansion, the bellevue mansion, and many more.  it’s funny, my therapist was telling me that the servants were wondering why the silver never needed polishing…turns out that ish was platinum.

so i have a trip to NYC coming up early june, a trip to rhode island early july, a possible road trip to Oregon in july, possible trip to SD in july, and trip to st. louis this september.  was gonna visit an aunt in connecticut too in mid-june, but i really don’t think i can make it all happen, so the connecticut trip would be the first trip i would cut.

i’m looking forward to roaming around UCSC tmrw.  it’ll be a nice, private, and hopefully relaxing/enlightening first glimpse for me to see if i can really see myself belonging there for the next 2 years or so.  will letcha know how it goes!




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