life is getting real.

santa cruz

yoyoyo happy wednesday friends,

life is getting real, and i’ll do my best filling you in on everything as it all unfolds.

so remember how yesterday i told you i was gonna meet with a dean at de anza?  well, we met this morning.  and he’s such a homie, he signed me up for a campus tour at UCSC this coming wednesday.  initially, i told him that i was planning to visit on a weekend or a friday, but he recommended i check out the campus on a regular weekday mon-thurs to see what life is like on a typical school day…so we started trying to make a reservation for a campus tour on the UCSC website, but they were all full up to next wednesday.  even tho there are 6 tours a day every day until then.  it’s all good tho, i’m grateful to at least get the ball rolling.  the wednesday tour i ended up reserving is from 11:30am-1:30pm and includes a 90 minute walking tour.  i was planning to go by myself and was getting excited about it, but now my mom wants to tag along, which of course, is fine with me.  she actually used to work in the UCSC Science & Engineering library a long long time ago, so she might already know the lay of the land.

i’m pretty sure i’ll be ready to make an official decision after this tour.  i will become a lot more motivated to sign the admissions agreement contract – which i still have up to june 1 to do.  i remember the last college campus i was on was UCLA when i visited a friend a couple months back, and i def dig the vibes.  hopefully, UCSC doesn’t disappoint 😀

“alive” – krewella

blog to you later,




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