really fun dinner party tn!

dinner party.pngyoyo,

just spent 6 hours at my friends’ house for a really great dinner party…except my allergies were absolutely relentless (even 5 pills later…when i usually take 0).  i still had such a fun, fun time otherwise tho.  it was a great get together to meet people, there was tons of good food/drink, and we were able to wind down afterwards for a little after party with a few close friends.  we ended up watching a lot of really funny videos and laughing our heads off by the end of the night.

also, if i sneeze any more than i am now, i’m pretty sure i’ll start sneezing my brains out.

itchy eyes, sneezing, redness, and general discomfort…thank you God for allergies -_-” WHYYY

today has been one of those days where it was even hard to find time to add gas.  i did it out of absolute necessity, when i realized i was running on empty.  usually, i’m proactive about adding gas even if its like 3/4 empty, but i guess i’ve been losing track of time lately.  so busy keeping busy, namsayin?

have a good sunday all!  will def blog more to you tmrw, cuz i’ll be at my computer for a good chunk of my day tmrw.

peeeeeeace and good night.




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