omg allergies will be the death of me

park.pnghey guys,

aaahhhh these allergies are killing me.  i just spent the last 3.5 hours outside, and it did a number on me.  springtime allergies are hitting me hard.  it was a good time tho.  i went to a potluck/bbq event with some church at a local park.  there was so much grub, it was amazing.  we tried to stay in the shade when possible, but ended up playing football, soccer, and wiffleball.  i also brought pierre with me, and he was so good the whole time.  everyone loves him 😀

right now, i’m trying to recover from allergies by chilling indoors for a while.  have to do laundry anyways.  then i’m heading out to pick up an appetizer and dessert to bring to a dinner that my friends are hosting at their house tonight.

then tomorrow will look like church, then work, then dinner with friends.

go away allergies, rahhh!!




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