brehhhhh, headache.


yo guys,

oh my god, i have a horrible headache.  don’t know if i want to throw up or not.

other than the headache, i had a really really good night tonight.  it’s so pleasant to fellowship with other people.  i always get that warm fuzzy feeling from good friendship –  all the feeelz.  my church life group went to a new place tonight.  i love that we try a new place every week.  we always have really good conversation and bond over some really good food and drank.

about the whole UCSC vs. Cornell thing: the best advice i’ve gotten recently was to not think about it.  and of course, reverse psychology always works on me, so i’ve been thinking about it more.  what throws me off is that i was super ready to go to Cornell and had set everything up (as you guys know if you’ve been tuning in), but then i got into UCSC…and literally all of my go-to people have said that without a doubt, i should be choosing UCSC over Cornell.  i must be missing out on something tho, cuz i thought Cornell was clearly the better option.  i mean i thought at least one or two of them might say Cornell, but noooope!  so it was kind of a huge red flag, and i’m trying not to be stubborn about this big life decision, but being stubborn is my expertise.

with that all being said, i’m really excited for this weekend to just relax, process, and breathe.  i have a lot of fun things planned with a lot of people that i lurv.

blog to ya lata!  please help me pray for this headache to dissipate.



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