my rotator cuff hurts from hiking at the big basin weeks ago


hey y’all,

remember when i went on like a 9.5 mile hike at the big basin over a month ago?  well, it had a lot of really difficult obstacles to overcome, and one of them required me leaning my whole body weight into my left arm, so that i could heave myself up above this massive log.  as that was happening, i could feel that my arm locked in a very awkward way at a painfully dangerous angle, and i definitely panicked inside…but i wanted to get the obstacle over with, so i just went with it.  unfortunately, that poor decision still hurts me to this day.  to be honest, i’m glad my arm didn’t snap in half or something. it’s not a huge deal, but my rotator cuff definitely still hurts when rotated at certain angles.

i’ve been trying to regularly massage myself and do gradual arm circles throughout the day in hopes of easing the pain…so we’ll see if i can manage to heal myself back to health. good thing is that it’s my left arm, and my right arm is my dominant one.  so, it really doesn’t affect my day to day functioning, but i still wish i hadn’t pushed myself that much – literally.

that’s all, folks!  thanks for tuning in.



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