nommm wheat thins

hey guys!

i’ve been snacking on wheat thins lately, and i can’t get over them.  they’re so good!  even the “reduced fat” ones are bomb.

also, i just had dinner with two very good friends at arya restaurant (some delicious persian food) and then we walked down the block to check out the new crepe place next to one pot.  the crepes were so overpriced ($7-9 per), but i guess they were worth trying.

i had a busy day today, as go all my sundays.  went to church, had lunch with church friends, called a friend to help him with wordpress, had coffee with the leader of an organization i recently became a part of, skyped with a childhood friend of mine, walked my dog, had persian food for dinner, had crepes for dessert, and now i’m home hoping to get some shut eye before i grab coffee w/a friend early tmrw morning.  after coffee tmrw morning, it’ll be straight to the office – i have my work cut out for me this week!

peeeeeace and have a great start to your weeks!




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