why i love going to my aunt’s house every week


hey everyone!

if you don’t know this about me already, i’m really big on family.  some family you can choose, and some family you definitely can’t.  one relative i’m really thankful for is my aunt. i love going to my aunt’s house every week at least once a week, because it’s such a fun, relaxing, and healing time.  i feel so renewed every time i leave, and i’m always so grateful to my aunt for being so supportive and encouraging.  i can’t wait to pay her back when i’m rich and famous some day.

i enjoy seeing visiting her house every week, and i make it a point to always fit at least one visit a week into my schedule, because family has become such an important and integral part of my life.  when i go to her house, i get to spend time with my two little cousins and bond with my aunt as well.  sometimes if i’m lucky, my uncle will be there too if he’s home early from work. i try to bring gifts to them like yummy snacks and special surprises.  it’s fun spoiling them, cuz they spoil me!  one of the greatest highlights about my visits is that my aunt is an amazing cook and can make pretty much anything you can think of!  i always leave with a happy stomach and a full stomach. she cooks a lot better than most restaurant chefs do, and she does it with a smile on her face too.  you can almost taste the love in the food.  actually, i couldn’t wait to get outta work today so i could head to her place today, cuz i was starving!  i had like nothing to eat all day other than a bagel and some iced tea for breakfast when i was blogging to you guys at a local cafe this morning – which was a super long time ago.

if i ever write a book…which i’m sure i will (in fact, i’m sure i’ll write dozens of books, hundreds more poems, some movies, and maybe even some tv shows), i’ll be sure to name a really great character after her.  gratitude can show itself in many ways, and i hope to continually express it to those that i cherish, treasure, and love.  after all, love makes this world go round.

i hope you guys all had a great evening too!!  tmrw’s friday whoohoo! good night everyone!




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