guuuuuys, i need prayer. i have no idea what i’m doing anymore


you guys..i need your help big time, which path or track should i follow?

i’ve been getting into schools left and right!  just kidding, but i am seriously confused right now about where i wanna go.  i absolutely suck when i’m given options, cuz i’m the most indecisive person ever.  the more choices i have, the more confused i get and the longer it takes for me to make a real decision. and then after i finally make a decision, i always regret my  decision and ruminate about potential regrets.  it seems every time i make up my mind, i always lose it shortly after.  is anyone else like that?

so here’s the deal about what’s confusing me this time…i originally applied to almost all the UCs: santa barbara, santa cruz, irvine, LA, SD, davis, berkeley, and yes those are in order of how much i wanted to go to them.  but the story is that i got rejected from santa barbara first a few weeks ago, and i was super bummed about it. i was totally picturing my life and future there.  i’m sure you guys remember me blogging religiously about how awesome SB would be.  it was my desktop background and everything.  anyways, after that i was like eff this and i just stopped checking any of the UC’s admissions decisions.  i figured i would just go back to cornell, it’s a pretty darn good school to have as a backup.  so i’ve been doing a LOT of work to set up an ideal returning semester at cornell, as you know very well if you’ve been tuning in.  and you know what i’m actually almost all done and just adding the final touches…howeverrrrr

i got an admissions email from UCSC this morning, and i’m all thrown off now.  i honestly didn’t think i would be this torn about returning to cornell, but it’s a totally different ball game now that UCSC is an option.  as i mentioned earlier, i haven’t cared to check if i’ve been getting admitted to the other UCs i applied for.  the only reason i know about getting into UCSC is because they went out of their way to email me, whereas typically you have to go to the school’s website and sign in to find your admissions decision.  anyways, i won’t bore you more with the details.  basically, i’m choosing between cornell and UCSC at this point, and i have a very limited time frame to make a decision on it.

i dono guys ;(  help pray for peace of mind for me.  maybe i should make a pros and cons list.

“honeymoon avenue” – ariana grande




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