my hurrrrr for now…until college!


helloooooo all,

here’s me up top growing my hair out.  it grows so quickly!  i’m wondering for my next haircut if i should just cut the sides and back and see how crazy the top gets.  imagine if i used hair products…the possibilities would be endless.  my hair’s so thick and coarse that i can do a lot with it, but i just don’t. but yeah for my next haircut, i’ll probably get the usual.  you know what? if it were up to me, i would have gold hair like i did before…but my mom would probably murder me.  actually, i wouldn’t mind going for some really wild color combinations, but i dono how “professional” that would be.  i remember back when i was working for the four seasons hotel silicon valley in palo alto, human resources enforced a rule that employees could color their hair so long as it remained a naturally occurring hair color like yellow, brown, black, red, etc.

once i stop working when i enter college this fall (and get out of reach/wrath of my mother), i would definitely want something much more adventurous.  college is the perfect time to experiment like that and be able to pull almost anything off.

for now, i’ll stay tame w/it.  keeping it au naturel until college.





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