i haven’t had springtime allergies since elementary school!


hey guys good morning good morning!

i think i’m starting to get allergies again, though i haven’t had them since i was a kid!  how very odd.  to give you a little background info, i generally don’t spend as much time outdoors as i would like to, but i notice that now, when i do, i get the sneezes.  my main outdoor times include walking my dog and playing tennis.  so what happened was that last night as i was playing tennis, i had an attack of the allergies.  first, i sneezed a couple times, and shrugged it off.  i figured it was the dust that i’m kicking up on the court or ripping off the ball, and sneezing’s not a big deal.  but you know what? i kept sneezing and kept wondering what was up.  then i concluded, it must be all the pollen flying around in the springtime.

how sad is it that i’m allergic to flowers??  they’re some of nature’s most beautiful creations.  bah oh well.  it’s okay, i’m super grateful i’m not allergic to cats or dogs, cuz that would be extra extra sad.  i had two friends come over yesterday, and they were both getting allergic reactions to my cat, which reminded me of my friends in high school who were always allergic to my cats (at that time, i had two of them).   i remember they literally couldn’t breathe properly whenever they came up, and i always had to stock allergy meds just so they could survive at my house.

alsoooooooooo…i need to confess something to you guys.  but i will figure out the right time to do so…

by the way, i’m blogging to ya from one of my favorite local cafes, but they ran out of bagels 😦 (this is the place that has those blueberry bagels that i love so much.)  i haven’t had one in sooooo long.  so anyways after i found out they ran out of bagels, i debated between getting a muffin, a croissant, or a chocolate croissant.  eventually, i ended up spending $4 on a really small thing of oatmeal, but it’s supposed to be “premium” … more like a premium rip-off.  i’m kidding, it looks decent i guess if you don’t factor in how small it is.  it has real fruits in it and steel-cut oats.  aight guys ima stop rambling, cuz i gotta get back to work.

speaking of work, i have a lot of work ahead of me today.  i’m in the middle of this super tedious and simple project, but i’m always happy to help my parents out, and i do my best to do it with a smile on my face.  i have never thought of working for them as anything but a blessing.  the good thing is that what i’m currently working on is completely mindless, so i can zone out to my favorite music playlists.  i love getting lost listening to music, there’s almost nothing else quite as cathartic.  so, off i go!

love y’all oodles,




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