holy crap, everyone’s car keeps getting broken into

car theft

yo if you go to the bay club in cupertino, don’t leave your belongings in plain sight…they will get stolen.

i pulled up today, and there was a sheriff there asking this guy questions about the belongings that got stolen from his car, which clearly got broken into just moments before – there was glass shattered everywhere.  that’s when we noticed another car that got broken into.  throughout this discovery, i got flashbacks to when my dad’s car got stolen..and my dad parked like right next to the handicap spots (the closest possible space) and still got broken into.  then when he called the police, they pulled up and opened their car’s trunk, asking him if any of the belongings in it were his.  apparently, their trunk was already full of belongings that were found scattered across the parking lot that same night.

so the whole time in the gym today, i was freaking out thinking my car was getting broken into right at that moment.  needless to say, i couldn’t stay long at the gym today.  i kept swapping stories with people about car theft issues and other related burglaries.

on another topic…on my way home today from the gym, i almost ran into a possum…and i swear possums get uglier and uglier every time i see them.  i’m sorry but possums are just gross.  honestly, i got freaked out and didn’t really wanna walk my dog knowing that that possum was lurking around, but it ended up being okay.

lastly, everyone has been blowing up my phone today..what’s the deal, guys?!  it just so happens that i was super busy today right after 4pm and couldn’t really text or call back; however, i did make an exception to pick up my brother’s call 🙂 .  so after 4 when i got off work, i met up with some friends, we went to my house (i showed them the secret passageway behind my house), hit up a vape shop, grubbed, and browsed a store.  it was super refreshing, cuz i deviated from my typically very strict schedule just to breathe and relax with friends.  i still ended up going to my tuesday night support group later, and fortunately, i only ended up being like a few minutes late cuz they started half an hour later than expected.  then i played tennis,  and after that is when i went to the gym (where this blog post originally starts).

sooooooo that’s all, folks!

good night, and i love you.



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