more cornell updates – aaaahhhhhh!!!!



my days are so fast-paced right now.  there’s so much to figure out in terms of setting up Cornell and making sure this coming semester (my returning semester after of a health leave of over 5 years) will be an ideal situation.  i’m constantly on-the-go and figuring things out: phone calls, emails, you name it.  my mornings have been crazy these past few weeks, cuz i have to squeeze in all my communication with the east coast before their offices close 3 hrs ahead of time.

so the latest news is that i have finally finalized my fall schedule, and it is freaking purrfect right now.  i would show you guys…but i don’t wanna jinx it :).  the hotel school is allowing me to drop one of the two required classes they were originally asking of me, because they agree i would be taking on too heavy of a workload, so now i’ll be taking 14 credits instead of 17 credits to ease back into school.  after spending a good amount of time on and interviewing previous hotel school students about courses, i’ve chosen to take marketing over finance.  in addition, i chose all the proper english classes i need to get kick-started in an english major. basically, nothing on my schedule needs to be tweaked right now, i just need to successfully pre-enroll in them all.  and yes, i did fit in a tennis class on my schedule too!

guys, i gotta admit.  i embarrass myself sometimes when i communicate with some of these deans, directors, advisors, and professors, because i have completely forgotten how Cornell works, so i’ve been functioning off of my understanding of how De Anza College (a local community college) works, cuz that’s where i’ve been attending these past few years.  here i was, thinking that a lot of terms are universal and the way school systems were paralleled; however, the same terms mean very, very different things in the two different schools.  and all i can say is whooooops..mah b!

anyways, it’s ok i’ll survive.  my schedule is looking GOOD, guys.  really really good.  pre-enrollment starts tomorrow april 6 and goes up to april 20th.  my pre-enrollment time is kind of late, but it still shouldn’t be an issue.

thanks for your prayers, and keep them coming  🙂 let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!



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