updates on cornell course selection


ok soooooooo,

big changes are happening the more information i am aware of and the more people i talk to.  i may need to take 17 credits my returning semester, which isn’t really ideal cuz i was hoping to ease back into school with around 12 credits, butttt it turns out i need to take 9-11 credits from A&S (the college of arts and sciences) during the semester i’m applying to internally transfer.  then i got in touch with a director in A&S, who says a minimum of 9 credits is impossible cuz almost all courses in the english department are 4 credits with the exception of “intro to creative writing,” which is 3.  this means the minimum amount of credits for me to take in A&S would be 4+4+3= 11 credits!   at the same time, SHA (school of hotel administration) wants me to finish up my last two requirements of finance and marketing, which are 3credits per. so the 11 credits in A&S added to the 6 i have to take in SHA makes 17 credits.  yikes.  i should be able to do it, but was hoping for more of warm up leading up to it.  something else that is good news is that the cornell english major only requires 10 courses, so i could consider minoring in something else.

the good part is that these new developments provide me a lot of structure and guidance in terms of courses to take.  i’m really hoping i get the classes i want.  one is “intro to creative writing,” another is “intro to asian american literature,” and the one i really wanna get into is about “bodies as text” (which studies how bodies are potrayed in literature).  these are all 2000 level courses, so they should be fun and a great way to meet other sophomores!

let’s hope these can all get on my schedule and not conflict with the timing of one another.  i will definitely be praying about the scheduling of everything, and please keep me in your prayers as well.

overall, this is all good and moving in a forwards direction.  let’s DO THIS.



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