i’ll start by choosing a PE class


hey guys!

previously, at Cornell to fulfill my PE requirements, i took thai massage and shiatzu massage.  both were really great experiences.  basically the format of the classes were to pair up with someone, watch the instructor show the week’s new techniques, massage your partner, then have your partner massage you.  it was super relaxing, and i passed out all the time when getting massaged haha.  i can’t retake those same classes even tho i really want to, but i can take other massage classes i haven’t taken before – like “intro to massage” or “swedish massage.”

part of me wants to branch out more tho, especially considering cornell has an amazing surrounding environment for a lot of water sports or nature-themed activities.  i’m considering outdoor adventures like caving, nature hiking, backpacking, water skiing, rowing, racket sports, scuba diving, etc.  that being said, i’m so glad i got the required swim test over with my freshman year, so i’m not required to take beginning swimming.  i do not like swimming, but cornell requires its students to pass a swim test freshman year, cuz it’s around so many bodies of water and i guess back in the day, there would be floods on campus.  fortunately i passed the test, tho at an extremely slow pace.

but back to the topic of taking a PE class for fun, considering i’m a baaaaaaw$$$ at tennis, i’ll probably be signing up for advanced tennis there.  hopefully, the weather permits, and i can kick some major butt.  it’d be nice if there were people better than me tho, of course, cuz it’s always fun to be challenged.  sports are extremely personal to me – racket sports, specifically.  i really think i could’ve gone pro at either tennis, badminton, squash, racquetball, or even pingpong.  but…i didn’t, so now i try hard to hang onto it at least as a passionate hobby.

another cool part of going to school on the east coast is that i can rep cali!  it’s amazing how different a state can be from another state within the same country.  there’s a lot of adjustment to the culture.  i’m ready tho.  i’ve had a taste of what it’s like, and i want more.

bye 🙂  hope you’re all having a really good weekend!




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