hilarious moment during therapy today

so guys,

oh my god lol what happened was…my therapist just knows me way too well at this point.  during my sesh earlier today, i was diving deeply into a topic, and then i looked up at her as i suddenly dawned on a realization, and before i even got a chance to verbalize my thought, she immediately started shaking her head no…and we both started cracking up, cuz she totally saw that one coming.  in my head, i was like brehhh come on, am i that predictable?!  i guess i’m much easier to read than i think…  it made for a hilarious bonding moment tho.  sometimes with certain topics, i beat the dead horse, and it’s all gravy cuz she’ll call me out on it.

night guys!  i’m supposed to go to teske’s germania in downtown san jose tmrw, and i can’t decide if i’m just gonna stick to beer or if i’m gonna get dinner there too.  most of my friends are probly just getting drinks, cuz the thing is, dinner’s super pricey there cuz all the entrees come with soup, salad, and dessert. and iono..the money’s not the issue, it’s about whether or not i wanna gain weight before going back to college – most likely not.  that doesn’t seem like the greatest idea…howeverrrrr, the body fat would keep me warm in wintertime tho 😛  i’ll think more about it later.

gotta go, night!



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