apple watch screenshots

apple watch

sup guys!

i just noticed something kinda funny today.  so my apple watch spazzes out and takes screenshots of itself all the time.  it happens a lot, and it was kind of annoying at first, but now i’m used to it.  basically whenever the digital crown and the side button are pressed at the same time, it takes a screenshot.

so it’s kinda funny now cuz i just realized every time i play tennis (which was earlier tonight), my apple watch takes a screenshot whenever  i hit a backhand, cuz i use a two-handed backhand if i’m not slicing the ball.

also, i wanna get acai bowls at either “vitality bowls” (the new place next to “kula”) or at “cafe brasil” in santa cruz.  i still needa try “kula” too, the sushi place where you order on an ipad and get your custom sushi rolls delivered to you through a revolving sushi bar.  wait i also need to try the acai bowls at “nectar,” even tho i heard theirs suck. i also wanna try that new poke place off de anza blvd – “go fish poke bar.”

my friends hit me up about a skydiving groupon for $99 per person in hollister, and it’s crazy coincidental, cuz i’ve been thinking about going skydiving recently,  but iono.. i wanna wait for a more special occasion and somewhere with a better view, like in a different country or something.  i also want it to be my idea and not someone else’s idea yanno?

also, yay for new friends!  i just struck up a conversation with two people that were sitting near me as i was blogging.  we ended up talking for over an hour haha it got deep..and yeah we had to stop the conversation short at closing time.  i added them on fb so we can keep in touch, whoohoooo!  making new friends is always fun. one of them knew my cousin and had 14 mutual friends with me, and the other one had 1 mutual friend with me…small world.

peace guys!  gonna go walk my dawg, snack, watch some tv, chat with the parents, then cuddle with my dawg until we both fall asleep.

good night!




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