time flies when you have plans for the future!


herro guys,

having concrete plans for the future makes the time fly by so quickly.  there’s so much to look forward to and prepare for, i can barely wrap my head around it all.

  • as of this morning, cornell’s student health services (Gannett) has received all the forms and documentation that they need to review my return from my health leave.  so next up, if all goes smoothly, is course selection.  HOW EXCITING.  i’ve been advised by a dean of the college of arts and sciences who is in charge of internal transfers there to notify the hotel school of my plans to transfer, so that i can drop required classes and add fun ones i want to take like intro to wines, etc.
  • i’ve been debating whether i wanna take my car with me or not.  transportation at cornell is really unique.  i used to TCAT everywhere, which are the local buses.  they take you to the local mall, grocery stores, movie theaters, etc.  having a car would be an extra perk…except i have almost no experience driving in the snow.  i would need to install snow chains, and my BMW doesn’t have 4 wheel drive.  i’ll probably end up riding the TCAT everywhere…actually now there’s uber too.
  • cornell is so so beautiful.  it’s prettier than a lot of national parks i’ve gone to.  getting around campus is an exercise all on its own.  i remember the last time my mom visited me, she was huffing and puffing behind me…and she was in amazing shape at the time and was running marathons.  it’s so beautiful that my mom said she would love to move there with me just to walk around campus all day 😀  it’s like THAT…especially in the winter when the waterfalls freeze over.  or in the summer, studying, sunbathing, and laying on the slope.  or playing in the water, jumping off rocks, and sliding into the water.  looking out at the finger lakes and the rolling hills in the background.  ohhhhh man, some really good times there, guys.  it truly is the university on a hill.  “ithaca is gorges.”
  • it’s gonna be so weird going back, cuz i’ll be there but all my friends are gone!  they’ve up and moved on to grad school, law school, full time jobs, marriage, and life in general.  i’m sure i’ll make new friends.  i’ve been refreshing myself a lot on cornell: the nightlife, the names of the building, the layout of campus, the student organizations, etc.  it’s a lot to process.
  • i’ve also been looking up housing.  i think i’m going for a 1 bedroom apartment.  just looking at the layouts of them all is so exciting.





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