how do i tell my dog that i’m going to college?


hey guys!

lately, i’ve been totally mentally preparing to face the snow, the studies, and the stress at cornell upon my return this fall, but there’s one part i can’t quite figure out…how do i communicate to my dog that i’m leaving for college?!  i have no idea how to break it to him.  telepathy?  extra belly rubs?  staring him down?  my poor doggie…i don’t want him missing me, but i also don’t want him forgetting about me.  he usually misses me a lot, from my experience taking short trips these past few years.

as for my cat?  she could probably care less that i’m leaving.  she’s not very affectionate anyways.   even when i’m home, she doesn’t appreciate me.  gotta love her, tho.

aite guys, peaaaace!  hope your monday’s going awesomely.




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