my night didn’t go as planned at all.


hey guys!

saturday was all about work until about 5pm.  that’s when i went home to walk my dog before meeting up with a friend for some indian food in milpitas.  it was all going great, and the convo was awesome.  then i got a phone call from my psychiatrist asking me to see him right away – i swear this guy has the weirdest hours, he works until 9pm on saturday nights.  so i ended my dinner short and drove from milpitas to los altos where my psychiatrist’s office is.  i saw him, got the form i needed filled out for my return to cornell, and peaced out.

so now, all the forms/documentation i need to return to cornell this fall are either faxed or mailed, and i’ll just be waiting for confirmation messages from campus. once that happens, i’ll start selecting courses.  whoooo!

then i was on my way to my friend’s place only to find out that she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to pass out instead.  so now i’m at home.  just walked my dog again, and now i am going to sleep.  last week i wasn’t able to make it to the 10AM service at my church cuz daylight savings messed with me: i was straight up exhausted and went to the 11:30 service;  i’m not gonna lie, i felt weirdly disappointed in myself for missing the 10am, despite attending the full 11:30am one on time.

tmrw’s Easter! there’s gonna be like a billion people at church.  maybe it’s good i don’t have plans on a saturday night for once, so i can sleep early to make sure i don’t miss the 10am tmrw.  after church tomorrow, i’m gonna be lunching with friends, watching zootopia (hell yeah i can’t wait!), picking up food for a potluck, going to the potluck, then going to another party at a friend’s house.

i freaking love sundays.  they’re my 1 day off work, so i pack them up.  have a really good sunday, erryone!



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