everyone go watch zootopia while it’s still in theaters!


that was such a good movie.  everything about it was great.  lots of plot twists, and it definitely deserves the 99% it got on rotten tomatoes.  disney’s done it again!  go watch it!

i hope to blog later tonight more thoroughly about my day.  i’m basically stealing time in between activities/events right now to make sure i get a post in on time before midnight tonight.  basically, this morning, i went to church, lunched with church friends, and caught zootopia (epicccccc movie!).  now, i have to run some errands before i head to a potluck then another party afterwards.  i know i told you about all these plans yesterday already, but i’m repeating myself for those of you who are just tuning in.

peace guys!  happy easter!! hope you did, are doing, or will do something extra special today.



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