it’s friday. f-f-f-f-f-friday.

i was talking to a longtime friend of mine yesterday about how i worry too much, and usually, people immediately agree with that statement – always saying that i overanalyze everything, think too much, and worry too much; however, i was really pleased with her answer: which was that worrying can be a good thing at times.  and then i went on to muse on the idea that “worrying may be good…but worrying out loud is even better.”

i tend to have this need to divulge my inner turmoil to others to release the demons that i’m chained to and break the bonds that suck my soul out, but hey you know what, that’s what has helped me get this far, so you can’t really knock the habit.   it’s how i keep myself sane, healthy, and happy.  i’ve of course been reprimanded many times for oversharing, especially when it comes to more intimate and personal information.  tbh though, you should try it sometime – it’s really healing and cathartic.

the work day is almost over!  first thing i’m gonna do after work is stop by the nearest grocery store to pickup two bottles of red wine, then head to my friend’s place for a dinner party she’s hosting whoohooo!  have a great start to your weekend, everyone!  its friday yeeeyeeee!



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