oh man oh man! cornell, i’m ready for ya.

cornell clock tower

yo guys,

some major life changes coming up!  ithaca is looking pretty good right now.  there are so many parts of it that i miss and so many parts of it that i didn’t get a chance to explore.  i can definitely envision a happy future there.. plus i’m a totally different person now, so hopefully those atrocious memories from 5 yrs ago won’t haunt me.  also, being on the east coast temporarily is good just for a shift of perspective.  i have lots of family out there in NYC, NJ and the surrounding areas.  i’ll dedicate a much longer post to this once the time comes.

but yeah, to answer your question, yes i can totally legitly go back to Cornell, i just never seriously considered it.  but now, i feel more ready than ever (especially cuz my top choice UCSB rejected me yesterday.. those mofos), so i plan on returning this fall semester 2016.  i just have to get some forms and documentation in by june 1.  it should be cake.

the one caveat is that i need to return to the hotel school for at least 1 semester before i can transfer to a different college within Cornell.  my plan is to transfer to the english major in the college of arts and sciences.  so i’ll pay my dues at the hotel school then peace out.  i’ll have my undergrad within 2-3 yrs.

whoooo for adulting!  God’s plan for me is so much more than i could’ve ever imagined.  PTL!!!



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