hey guys,

i just stumbled upon this video, and i feel very concerned and uneasy after watching it.  it’s a fat-shaming movement asking people to take pictures of themselves holding an A4-sized piece of paper in front of their waists to see if they are thinner than paper, in other words, “paper-thin.”  all i have to say is: homies…no.  do not do this.  apparently, the fad started in china and is picking up popularity all around the world.  stop encouraging the spread of it.

i’m really surprised that the first reaction i got from a facebook friend was her laughing at the video…  some people just lack the compassion to see the deeper implications of the paper-thin fad.  trends like this are extremely dangerous, just as the video says, not only because they encourage eating disorders and other unhealthy behaviors, but also because of how popular they get in a short amount of time.  guys, it’s not funny at all..how can you even laugh at that?

actually you know what? this all really reminds me of that guy Roosh V, who is completely and utterly unacceptable.  i posted on my facebook about him around 5mths ago, but i haven’t really gotten into it on here.  so basically, he is the leader of the fat-shaming movement by encouraging anyone and everyone to take and post pictures of females who are anything heavier than 150lbs onto the internet to ridicule them into losing weight.  he’s ridiculous.  thankfully, dr. oz invited Roosh on his talkshow once and totally gave it to him.  he’s been on multiple other talkshows as well.  he’s also the guy that organizes pro-rape rallies.  seriously, look him up if you haven’t yet…it’s incredible how sick and twisted some people are, isn’t it?

gotta get back to work now.  have a great tuesday!



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